Millionaire Dating Tip #7 – Avoid Crazy Sugar Daddies

Wow! That was so funny.  That girl posted screen shots of their entire text conversation and she nailed him for being such a D-Bag. Absolutely hilarious. I’m still not sure if he deserved such retaliation.

Sugar Daddy Goes Crazy

Stay Away from D-Bags

Karma is a B**ch!

But seriously, an important Dating Tip to stay away from D-Bags. that guy really seems like creep. Its a Great example of the type of guy, Rich, or not, that you should just stay clear of. How did she even connect with that guy in the first place. Seemed like he might have been stalking her with or something going on some of those suggestive facts he gave her that somebody had been trying to introduce them at a recent party.


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He does seem like a real Douche, but she could have simply shut him down early and left it alone. My thoughts are he would probably have just moved on…

Then Again, he would probably just start stalking somebody else. My Kudos to that girl for not taking that sh*t but she could have kept this private. Shes basically a sh*t disturber and taunting this guy to go bonkers on her.


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