There’s an Increasing Number of Billionaires in China

Chinese Billioniare Bodyguard

Ten years ago, China didn’t even have one individual billionaire, but over time wealth has steadily been on the rise in the country. Today in China, the number of people who’s net worth has exceeded $1 billion USD, is approaching 250.

So millionaires are becoming more and more prevalent, however there is a growing resentment that exists between people of means and the common population living within the communist confines. This has created a heightened need for personal security that many affluent individuals are seeking out for themselves. There are literally hundreds of companies that have opened up within China that supply the Nouveau Rich folk with personal body guard services.


combat class

There is even a trend for female bodyguards, that not only provide security and protection, but also seem to be interpreted as an elegant status symbol. This has become so popular that it has produced an overwhelming demand, and many of the training companies, like Yun Hai Elite Security covered in this article, have long waiting lists from customers desperate for a bodyguard.


I wonder if this trend will ever move it’s way over to North America.


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